Colin is a writer, entrepreneur and investor fascinated with how technology can be a catalyst for change in otherwise mature industry verticals. Most recently he has spent his time on the future of wellness, fintech, web3 gaming, biohacking and just about any other subject that would fit into a good sci fi novel.

Colin has been extensively interviewed and featured on topics including fundraising, investing, and personal development.

Alongside this he has written for publications like Fast Company, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, CNBC, Success and many others.


Colin and his various businesses have been featured in the press on topics ranging from capital raising, investing and the technologies that are evolving the consumer wellness industry.

Press Featuring Colin’s Ventures

Colin serves as a regular guest contributor to magazines like Entrepreneur Magazine, Fast Company, Inc., Forbes and Success Magazine amongst others. He writes on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, business building, investing and capital raising alongside speaking at conferences and on podcasts on similar subjects. All of these endeavors ladder up to the underlying goal of helping other entrepreneurs and investors avoid the myriad mistakes he’s made along the way.

Colin has been building and investing in consumer and software brands for much of the last decade. Alongside the entrepreneurial endeavors he has invested in over fifty businesses including the likes of Lyft, Databricks, Classpass, Daily Harvest, Digital Ocean, and many others.